Hello world!

Not feeling that fulfilled creatively by work, or life, really (assembling outfits from my 90% black, 90% Forever21 wardrobe doesn’t count), I’ve decided to start a blog just like my hero Michael K of the always glorious DListed. Most “social media experts” (GAG) will probably tell you blogs need a focus to be successful blah blah but I don’t feel like a very focused person most of the time so eff that. I also don’t have an easily identifiable passion or area of expertise I can expound upon (or maybe I’m just boring and shallow, hmm). I will attempt to unite my many interests into one messy blog, including exploring Seattle, shoes, food, music and general shit talking. Yep, this will most likely be a smattering of randomness that I will most likely abandon within a matter of months if not weeks, but I’ll give it a shot. HELLO BLOGGING WORLD.


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