Am I insane?

I’ve made a major, earth shattering decision that will completely change the rest of my summer. No more shopping until Fall! Now that I type it, it doesn’t seem THAT insane since this is Seattle and fall will probably be here in about two weeks, not that winter/spring ever really left in the first place for more than a couple fleeting days at a time…

I DO tend to shop a lot though and in an attempt shared by my darling husband and I to actually start saving money for the first time in either of our lives, I am temporarily swearing off the shopping.  This will mean avoiding my typical shopping achilles heels: Zappos, Forever 21 (not linking, they are kind of evil after all), Bluefly, etc. etc. I also tend to read a BL of fashion blogs (shoutout to Man Repeller, my fave as of late) though they do tend to feature high end designer shizz I mostly can’t afford, anyway.

So the million dollar question is, does my recent discovery Rent the Runway count?? Rented this Herve Leger number for a wedding and while in retrospect it was maybe a bit hoochified for the occasion, I’m kind of obsessed:

Anyway, we shall see how this goes. Hopefully it makes fall shopping really purposeful and fun a la back to school shopping in days of yore.


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