The Triumphant Return of Heidi!

Project Runway is back! Probably no one but me watches this anymore, I mean, Lifetime, really? Some friends and I used to convene weekly to eat fat lard treats and adopt horrible fake German accents while mocking the hot mess outfits and Heidi’s shenanigans, but they lost interest a couple seasons ago and left me all alone. Sad day.

This season looks promising though.  I’ve read about a couple intriguing guest judges though I am currently blanking on their names. Also, there is Bert! The oldest competitor ever and a recovering alcoholic who worked for some major fashion houses in the 70s but started hitting the bottle and hitting it hard after losing some friends to AIDS. I am totally team Bert, his dress rocked except for the bow but I can’t get behind bows of almost any sort in clothing. Anyway, go Bert and here’s to a new season!

Image courtesy College Candy


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