Trashy Good Times

I LOVE trashy reality TV. There is almost nothing I won’t watch. Binge drinking in hot tubs? MORE. Hair extension-pulling feuds? Yes please. Plastic surgery makeovers from celebrity surgeons with questionable medical ethics? Bring it on. I must say I am brimming with excitement for two shows in particular this season. Jersey Shore and Russian Dolls.

Jersey Shore (which was filmed in Florence Italy this season! duh) has already kicked off and did not disappoint. Hot damn am I excited for some guido-continental culture clashing. And then there is Russian Dolls on Lifetime, premiering tomorrow. Television has found a new cultural stereotype to exploit, Russian-Americans! But seriously I sort of wish I was Russian-American with razor sharp Slavic cheekbones and an amazing accent and could get away with wearing an ankle length fur coat and leopard print pants. I hope this show is amazing.


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