Yay Monday! Yeah it isn’t really Monday but I work from home Monday which is amazing and leads Tuesday to feel like the real Monday since Monday was spent in my PJs on my couch talking to my dog. While working really hard too! Of course.

Anyway, a little weekend recap. The weekend’s highlight was probably happy hour hopping ON THE MONORAIL. I know, so glamorous and futuristic. I’ve lived in Seattle for like 6 years or something and had never experienced this relic. It was actually mildly thrilling at one point when the rail curves and the car sort of goes on its side. Yep. It was kind of janky but it didn’t crash or burst into flames as I believe it has been known to do on a couple occasions.

The actual happy hour part was sweet, too. Barolo has a delicious and amazing happy hour which is practically impossible to get into during the week unless you can get there at like 4 (and if you can I want your job). But, at 3:30 on a Saturday when my lush friends and I went, you can totally get in and then have two bottles of wine, hangar steak, rigatoni, fried calamari, grilled Caesar salad, and tuna tartare for a total of like 60 bucks. Amazing. Plus they have what is possibly the best-looking staff I have seen in any Seattle establishment if you are into the eye candy.

I will leave you with this.


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