Midwestern Adventure!

Corn Dogs at the Minnesota State Fair

Image via Wikipedia

So I am going to the Midwest on Saturday. Minneapolis to be specific. My sister lives there and since she has stayed with me in Seattle many a time I am going to return the favor. Jenny if you are reading this you best have some coffee in your house. Not drinking it yourself is not going to cut it as an excuse (who doesn’t drink coffee?? Blasphemy).

Anyway. The part of the visit I am probably most excited for, other than eating dinner here and I guess seeing my lovely sis, is the Minnesota State Fair. I LOVE me a good fair and I can only assume that Midwestern fairs are the pinnacle of fairdom. Greasy food, podunkers galore, janky rides assembled off the back of trucks, random craft projects, oh man I am getting excited about this but possibly the best part is that, as I found out when I ogled the schedule online today, the Minnesota State Fair has a special section set aside FOR NEWBORN FARM ANIMALS. DAH. Yeah they will probably all be eaten within a year but I will try not to focus on that.


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