Absenteeism, Greasy Things, Lakes, etc.

Well I’m certainly turning out to be a crappy blogger! Apologies to my 2.5 readers for the lack of posts. An update: I am headed to Lake Chelan this weekend for grilling, floating, yelling, funny hats, and general debauchery. I will leave you with some glorious images from my Midwestern adventure. BEHOLD: deep fried Oreos  and a Wall of Cakes (I am still regretting opting for the Oreos over the deep fried Reese’s cups. WHAT WAS I THINKING). Also threw in a Meatsa pic for good measure. These were excellent food choices, I will surely look just divine in my swimsuit at the lake this weekend. Oh well, I am planning to drink enough margaritas to erase any self-doubt. Healthy choices abound!



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