Summer Bucket List

Another summer is basically over. Ugh (?). And, if it’s going to be 80+ degrees this weekend, can’t we stick to the official summer end date of September 20th or whatever “space” says?

Either way, I think it’s fair to say that I pretty much kicked my summer bucket list’s ass this time around. Save a few activities I am not overly broken up about forgoing.

Behold, part one of the itemized list/full breakdown, Water Sports and Activities edition: Water

Go on a boat: apparently the SR 520 construction prevents boats from crossing under the bridge from the north side of Lake Washington thus rudely inhibiting last summer’s brilliant strategy whereby my boat owning friends could simply swing by the Madrona T-dock and scoop me up, similar to what I imagine transpires in glamorous European yachting locales. Also, none of my boat friends invited me on their boats this year. Was it because last summer I brought Bud Light Limearitas? Anyway. Managed to check this one off the list due to a trip to Hawaii during which I boarded not one but two boats and a jet ski. Boom. Extra credit: a water trampoline was also involved.

Float a river: Failed but honestly this sounds like it might be cold which I am not a fan of. Also would have entailed complicated driving arrangements for drop off/pick up, avoiding DUIs because float worthy rivers are far away, etc.

Forthcoming: parts two and three! It was kind of a long list.


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