Summer Bucket List, Part Two: Food and Drink

Part two of summer bucket list (quasi) success! Apparently the majority of my summer bucket list items fall under this category. Surprising? Ha. In related news I gained eight pounds this summer….Dinner party!

Summer dinner party: Oh hell yeah, and it included flame grilled flank steak with chimichurri sauce, stone fruit salad with burrata, hearts of palm with avocado, and I think something delicious for dessert that I am now forgetting. And a shitton of rose. We ate outside, obviously, to attain full summer dinner party gloriousness. I was pretty proud of this experience. Effing delicious.

Make sangria: A friend has bestowed upon me a super secret classy* sangria recipe and I made, and drank, the shit out of it at a July 4th weekend kickoff party. I totally emailed myself another, more authentic recipe so I could really show this bucket list item who’s liver is boss but that version had a lot of things in it and thusly was never concocted.

*Involves box wine and Fresca

Boozy popsicles: I was pretty excited about this one, ordered a popsicle mold from Amazon, researched a bunch of recipes, and then quickly lost interest upon doing the math and realizing that due to science-y stuff about alcohol freezeability there is roughly a third of a shot of booze in one popsicle. I’m really not trying to eat like 5 popsicles to get a buzz on. Stupid science wins again.

Ridiculous Frappuccino: Forgettable and overpriced for the experience, duh, but I did it. As is my right as an American and Seattleite.

Fro Yo Delight: Oh yeah. Definitely constructed a concoction at Yogurtland and then ate it outside in the park for summery bonus points. As a side note, my husband is way better at frozen yogurt than I am. His cup always looks perfect whereas I become overwhelmed with options and forget to assemble my flavors side by side, piling them atop each other instead, resulting in a weird melty combination of all the flavors. But then again he also puts Capt. Crunch on his, no comment.


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