Summer Bucket List, Part Three: Misc. Adventures

Behold, the completion of the post trifecta!

Ride bikes around Lake Union: Someone told me this wasn’t a good idea, so I didn’t do it. Alternatively, I managed to take two separate, better bike rides so I am considering this bucket list item achieved. The first ride was to play tennis and then eat pho (on a tandem bicycle with my husband, kind of a sickeningly cute but also awesome experience). The second involved a jaunt to Seward Park to swim, which basically means I successfully completed a triathlon. Bike

Drinks on a rooftop deck: Went to Frolik. It’s pretty weird there. Dude bros galore. However, roof decks are still pretty sweet.

Road trip: Does it count as a road trip if there is a definitive end goal? I’m going to say yes, though this might be cheating, a little. Trekked a few places via auto this summer but the Moses Lake bachelor party (see: #pandabachelor) jaunt seems the most road trippy because it was the farthest away and we drove with three friends in our car which made it seem festive. Also worth noting, this trip overlapped with the Paradiso EDM festival at the Gorge. This meant that en route home we got to gawk at carloads of 20 year olds battling raging Ecstasy hangovers whilst adorned in culturally appropriated headgear and flaking neon face paint, which was a bonus.

Thus ends my summer bucket list debrief.


One thought on “Summer Bucket List, Part Three: Misc. Adventures

  1. I have an addition:

    Visited Cle Elum: Visted Jo and Andrew at their beautiful Cle Elum farm homestead and spent the eating beef jerkey and cherries and swimming in the Teanaway river. Stopped for Blizzards on the way home to tide is over before our fashionably late dinner of burgers, corn, salad and French fries (fried outside) at 11 pm. Saw the Milky Way and a shooting star. Andrew said it was the perfect day. Thank you Wack. I love you.

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