Trying To Be Slick…and Failing

Now that I am not working a stable 9-5 job I have been on the lookout for free yet entertaining things to do, especially at night. When Restaurant Zoe emailed me about their open house event, touting food and samples of signature cocktails, I figured it might not be that great but RSVPed anyway and dragged Mr. W with me.

It was actually pretty effing awesome, open bar, delicious food items everywhere, beautiful décor, and par for the course, a photo booth with “whimsical” accessories with which to pose. Scott Staples (Zoe/Quinn’s/Uneeda Burger owner) catered my wedding and did an amazing job so I have to say I would heartily recommend hosting a private event at Restaurant Zoe based on our experience there.

Just two weirdos in a photo booth

Just two weirdos in a photo booth

However, don’t do what I did. There was of course no tip jar at the bar but in my buzzed on free craft cocktails state I started to feel irrationally guilty about that and decided to smoothly drop a $10 bill on the bar. Unfortunately this move was perhaps TOO smooth and the money just awkwardly sat there unnoticed by the bartender while I felt like an idiot and pondered re-pocketing it. Although surely that would have led to an even more awkward Curb Your Enthusiam-esque situation. I need to work on my discrete cash slipping skills ASAP.


One thought on “Trying To Be Slick…and Failing

  1. Please don’t call Billy “Mr. W.” You know who that reminds me of! Aaiiieeee! No Wacky don’t turn into her! I know you won’t.

    If you could travel back in time Allen – aka Adam Buick – would be a perfect mentor for cash slipping skills. I know you know that.

    Also shoutout to Uneeda Burger and Pete Raskind (my brother-in-law in the parallel life I am still living in my head).

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