Doing Shit Alone

I had intended write a post, based on my planned attendance of the Glass Animals show at Neumo’s, exploring whether I am now “too old” to attend musical performances on weeknights (spoiler: I was expecting to conclude that yes, I was). Then, both my husband and friend who were going to accompany me to said show had the nerve to get sick and back out. Jerks! Jerks with crappy immune systems. Just kidding guys, I’m totes not mad.


Neumo’s. Where I wasn’t last night. Great venue though.

I coulda shoulda woulda have just gone alone, which would have been a first for me (I have yet to attend a movie alone, either). I actually thought about it seriously so maybe that is progress? Then I got tired and decided to remain on my couch reading my husband’s GQ. He never reads them but the articles are actually pretty good, usually. They also just hired Lindy West, which is amazing.

At least I didn’t get desperate enough to advertise the ticket/beg for company on Facebook. That would only end one of two ways: 1. someone horrible offering to go with me. 2. No one offering and me feeling like a loserface.

At any rate, the Glass Animals debut album, Zaba, is one of my favorites of the year so far. Highly recommend.


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