Walla Walla ing

Oh how I love a weekend visit to Walla Walla. I was there recently for the nuptial celebration of some close friends and good times were had by all. Below are my recommendations for a truly delightful weekend in the Wallas.


If you are going with friends, there are a bounty of nice but affordable house rental options available on VRBO. Get something within walking distance of downtown. Otherwise, the best hotel in town would be the Marcus Whitman, or there should be some inns/B&Bs that are probably worth seeking out (like the Inn at Abeja).



Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs YUM

Bacon and Eggs YUM

Delicious. Trendy (i.e. their website uses the word “locavore” and they serve Stumptown coffee). The menu is huge and they have glorious AM booze options.


Greasy spoon style diner with cheap, classic breakfast combos and 75 cent cups of coffee (what? Where else is that still a thing?). Definitely a locals’ joint. It’s near the Washington State Penitentiary, yay.


I highly recommend that you taco, torta or burrito it up at a taco truck (La Monarca on Rose and 11th is dank) or Taqueria Yungapeti which is brick and mortar with a larger but still taco truck-esque menu and a salsa bar.

I usually go for the Walla Walla tacos or burrito, which come with your choice of meat, sautéed Walla Walla sweet onions and avocado.


Brasserie Four downtown is great. Whitehouse Crawford is the schmanciest joint in town and I think the food can be a little overrated but service is top notch and the dining room is beautiful. People also really like Saffron but I haven’t been there.


What you really came for. There are so many good options that it can get overwhelming, but it’s hard to go wrong. Hire a driver and bring a giant water bottle. Remember that there is no shame in dumping/spitting.

Amavi Cellars

Gorgeous, modern tasting room with a stunning view of the Walla Walla area’s rolling pastoral hilliness. Great wine, too.

El Corazon

Their downtown tasting room is always a good time. They play good tunes.

Downtown Walla Walla

Walk around, taste wine at a few of the 30+ tasting rooms located downtown, check out Hot Poop record store and the various boutiques. Tasting rooms downtown that I like: K Vintners, Maison Bleue, Rotie, Trust.

Gramercy Cellars

This winery was founded by a Master Sommelier, which is super rare and cool and stuff. Amazing wines.

Airport area

This area is industrial and sort of an eyesore but there is a cluster of good wineries here, making it worth a stop if efficiency is your thing. Also there might be tractors around you can drunkenly pose in front of, not that I speak from experience. On this trip we stopped at, and liked, Buty, Tempus, Tamarack, Revelry and Adamant.


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