New Year’s Resolutions

My typical approach to New Year’s resolutions is to half assedly tackle a bunch of different ones. This is preferable than trying to stick to one major resolution, I feel. Making a little progress across a few areas seems like a more significant improvement overall, and more sustainable somehow. We’ll see. Here is my list of resolutions for 2015:

Green juice thirty

Green juice thirty

Don’t drink any booze in January. I tried to do this last year and caved after three weeks (hmm maybe it was two weeks….) during the NFL playoffs. Oops.

Avoid sugar and flour. I kinda blew this already. My mother in law was visiting for her birthday last weekend= lots of meals out and a bounty of obligatory birthday treats. Shout out to Sitka & Spruce’s desserts and RockCreek’s beignets. I only had a few bites though so it wasn’t that horrible. I regret nothing.

Probiotics, bitch. Kombucha, unsweetened organic yogurt and sauerkraut have taken residence in my fridge and I have been eating one plus serving daily. Also a fan of raw apple cider vinegar with lemon in water first thing in the AM.

Bone broth is the new kale. I’m hopping on this bandwagon via this recipe. Given you are supposed to simmer this shit for like 48 hours I may burn down my house.

Wintertime adventuring

Wintertime adventuring

Snowshoe a lot. My better half procured us some snowshoes at REI and I’d like to use them a few times. I have been told it’s good to have something outdoorsy to do in Seattle during winter to stave off weather driven depression. Skiing isn’t going to happen because its effing expensive and I fear chairlifts. Snowshoeing it is.

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