Shit Is Bananas

I think I may have a banana obsession. I’ve been mowing through bunches of them every week. There are none in my hanging fruit basket right now and it’s making me mildly anxious. I do have a few frozen though so the situation hasn’t devolved into a Level 3 panic yet.

Bananas really are pretty spectacular though. So creamy! Delightful in a smoothie. Or paired with one of the best foods ever, peanut butter. Quite a dynamic duo, those two. Yeah, I have an issue.

Granola, or vomit? Granola. Delicious granola.

Granola, or vomit? Granola. Delicious granola.

You can also freeze them and then blend them into a (healthier) ice cream type goo that everyone seems to be obsessed with, but I am lazy and hate scraping that shit out of my Vitamix so I usually skip this one.

Bananas also make a really good substitution for sweet/fatty stuff in baked goods, as it turns out. Hence the success of these two recipes. Totally delicious and pretty healthy:

Banana Bread Muffin Tops, Oh She Glows

I added raisins and walnuts in place of the chocolate chips as I am not to be trusted around leftover chocolate.

Banana Nut Granola, Nutrition Stripped

So good and barely any oil/sugar, because of the bananas. Magical! I threw some raisins into this one as well.


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