What To Do in Vegas When You Can’t Drink

I have some news: I’m 14 weeks and a few days pregnant. Exciting shit! I’ve been feeling pretty good. I was lucky and never experienced morning sickness, so that was awesome. Instead, I’ve been eating enough for about three people so I’ll probably be one of the preggos who gains like 70 lbs.

Aria Is Nice

Aria Is Nice

In tangentially related news, the husband had to go to Vegas for a work thing and I decided to tag along, reasoning that impromptu trips will soon be a relic of the past. And he was staying at the Aria. If it had been Treasure Island or something I would have passed.

Tried Shake Shack. Overrated.

Tried Shake Shack. Overrated.

So what does one do alone in Vegas? When you can’t booze it up? I guess I could have gone to a show (and if Britney wasn’t dark that week I would have seriously considered that one), but I basically walked around, ate, shopped, and sat by the pool. It was pretty delightful. Granted it would have been more delightful with a cocktail in hand, and by the trip’s end I was feeling slightly resentful towards the endless hordes of drunkards dotting the strip, the pool and the casinos, but overall I had a grand time. However I am already plotting a post baby Vegas trip of debauchery that will involve a lot of day drinking. As soon as I lose the 70 lbs….

This (booze free!) concoction cost 15$.

This (booze free!) concoction cost 15$.


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