So I am 23 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow, and figured it was a good time for a check in about the state of things. Some observations on pregnancy:



Made banana almond toast for breakfast today. Sliced the banana on a dirty cutting board resulting in garlic banana almond toast and I kind of enjoyed the flavor profile. #pregnant

I still miss wine and ridiculous nights out but holy shit, never being hungover is amazing. #pregnant

I have weird lists on my iPhone of random trashy junk I usually wouldn’t touch but definitely want to eat at some point (featured: Coldstone Creamery, Buffalo Wild Wings’ fried pickles, S’mores Frappuccino, Cinnabon). #pregnant

It’s a bad idea to keep chocolate in the house because I will probably (definitely) eat it all in one sitting. #pregnant

Really wish muumuus were more readily available at Seattle clothing retail establishments. #pregnant

Annoying things that didn’t happen (yet): morning sickness, stretch marks, intense food aversions/cravings. Annoying things that did: weight gain, bleeding gums, lower back pain so bad I can barely walk by the end of the day. #pregnant


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