So I am 23 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow, and figured it was a good time for a check in about the state of things. Some observations on pregnancy:



Made banana almond toast for breakfast today. Sliced the banana on a dirty cutting board resulting in garlic banana almond toast and I kind of enjoyed the flavor profile. #pregnant

I still miss wine and ridiculous nights out but holy shit, never being hungover is amazing. #pregnant

I have weird lists on my iPhone of random trashy junk I usually wouldn’t touch but definitely want to eat at some point (featured: Coldstone Creamery, Buffalo Wild Wings’ fried pickles, S’mores Frappuccino, Cinnabon). #pregnant

It’s a bad idea to keep chocolate in the house because I will probably (definitely) eat it all in one sitting. #pregnant

Really wish muumuus were more readily available at Seattle clothing retail establishments. #pregnant

Annoying things that didn’t happen (yet): morning sickness, stretch marks, intense food aversions/cravings. Annoying things that did: weight gain, bleeding gums, lower back pain so bad I can barely walk by the end of the day. #pregnant

Kauai Babymoon

kauai sunrise

Kauai sunrise. Best appreciated while wearing a bathrobe.

Will and I recently returned from a delightful babymoon week in Kauai. It was a pretty great time and I even developed a slight tan, aka my skin could now be described as manila envelope in color rather than computer paper white. This will fade within the week though. Some highlights from the trip below!



FOOD: As a preggo, I am even more food obsessed than usual, so I’ll just be transparent and list this section first. I have found that the food in Hawaii, as with most islandy/beachy tourist destinations, can be hit or miss, but we stuffed ourselves with some pretty delicious meals while in Kauai. Standouts were Bar Acuda (tapas and great wine list in a gorgeous but low key setting), Verde (casual Mexican, fish tacos get in my gullet) and Chicken in a Barrel (BBQ which we ripped into like Neanderthals post 5 hour kayak trip/hike). On a related note I’m fairly certain I am going through shaved ice withdrawals. Hey, I couldn’t drink so I needed to make up for those calories somewhere! If you happen to travel to Kauai, definitely check out Hee Fat General Store and spring for the all natural syrups and macadamia nut ice cream, like a boss. I also personally consumed a good five pounds or so of macadamia nuts in various forms while on this trip and I don’t regret a thing.

PLACES: We stayed in Kapa’a, which was great due to its central location and many dining options. But my favorite town was probably Hanalei: beautiful scenery, lots of places to eat/shops, close to my favorite swimmable beaches on the island, Hanalei Bay and Ke’e Beach. Koloa is another town worth a stop: grab a delicious plate lunch or poke at Koloa Fish Market. I was expecting to like Poipu more, but it was sort of resort-y and spread out and the beaches were all super windy when we were there, so not very swimmable. However the Grand Hyatt in Poipu is super nice if you can afford to stay there. Will and I creepily walked around oggling the grounds for a while.

Passionfruit Fauxjito for the preggo.

Passionfruit Fauxjito for the preggo.

SHIT WE DID: Other than eating, swimming, and my daily AM ritual of reading assorted trashy materials on our room’s balcony whilst garbed in a bathrobe, I have a few activity-related highlights to share. We hiked the first 2-ish miles (4 round trip) of the Kalalau Trail, which is super epic, completely stunning, and thoroughly kicked my ass. Another highlight would be our helicopter tour of the island, which I highly recommend, as in addition to being breathtakingly picturesque, a good amount of Kauai is inaccessible by road, so this is the only way to really see it. We flew with Safari Helicopters and they were pretty great.

All in all it was a successful trip and because it’s gorgeous, has a bohemian beach bum vibe that appeals to me, is not full of touristy trap type crap, and is small enough to easily traverse, Kauai is now one of my favorite Hawaiian islands. I have officially become one of those people that go to Hawaii all the effing time I guess, but given each of the Hawaiian Islands are a pretty painless direct flight from Seattle, Hawaii makes for a logical escape.


*That would be a reference to Small Town Security, one of the greatest reality television shows of our time. It has tragically been cancelled by AMC and if you haven’t ever seen an episode, I send you my condolences, because it was truly amazing. I am Facebook friends with Dennis Starr, one of the show’s characters, a relationship that is pretty much the pinnacle of my social media existence.

Anyway, I made some delicious, healthy meatballs last night and I will now share the recipe, which I concocted on my own. Proud day. I eyeballed all of the amounts; you can’t really screw this up.

Mix together:

  • ½ lb ground meat (I used grass fed organic beef because ground meat is super effing shady)
  • 3 minced garlic cloves
  • Chunk of minced onion
  • Couple handfuls chopped spinach (you could use kale or whatever)
  • An ounce or two of feta
  • An egg
  • 1-2 TBSP olive oil
  • 1-2 TBSP Italian seasoning
  • Salt, pepper

This formed about six 1.5 inch-ish balls, which I then baked at 400 for about 25 minutes on a foil lined pan that I sprayed with TJ’s finest coconut oil spray.

We ate them atop spaghetti squash with marinara. Salad with ranch dressing (it was organic ranch, to be fair) on the side lest this meal become TOO healthy.



I took no meatball photos but will leave you with a photo of another ball of sorts: my preggo belly.

What To Do in Vegas When You Can’t Drink

I have some news: I’m 14 weeks and a few days pregnant. Exciting shit! I’ve been feeling pretty good. I was lucky and never experienced morning sickness, so that was awesome. Instead, I’ve been eating enough for about three people so I’ll probably be one of the preggos who gains like 70 lbs.

Aria Is Nice

Aria Is Nice

In tangentially related news, the husband had to go to Vegas for a work thing and I decided to tag along, reasoning that impromptu trips will soon be a relic of the past. And he was staying at the Aria. If it had been Treasure Island or something I would have passed.

Tried Shake Shack. Overrated.

Tried Shake Shack. Overrated.

So what does one do alone in Vegas? When you can’t booze it up? I guess I could have gone to a show (and if Britney wasn’t dark that week I would have seriously considered that one), but I basically walked around, ate, shopped, and sat by the pool. It was pretty delightful. Granted it would have been more delightful with a cocktail in hand, and by the trip’s end I was feeling slightly resentful towards the endless hordes of drunkards dotting the strip, the pool and the casinos, but overall I had a grand time. However I am already plotting a post baby Vegas trip of debauchery that will involve a lot of day drinking. As soon as I lose the 70 lbs….

This (booze free!) concoction cost 15$.

This (booze free!) concoction cost 15$.

Shit Is Bananas

I think I may have a banana obsession. I’ve been mowing through bunches of them every week. There are none in my hanging fruit basket right now and it’s making me mildly anxious. I do have a few frozen though so the situation hasn’t devolved into a Level 3 panic yet.

Bananas really are pretty spectacular though. So creamy! Delightful in a smoothie. Or paired with one of the best foods ever, peanut butter. Quite a dynamic duo, those two. Yeah, I have an issue.

Granola, or vomit? Granola. Delicious granola.

Granola, or vomit? Granola. Delicious granola.

You can also freeze them and then blend them into a (healthier) ice cream type goo that everyone seems to be obsessed with, but I am lazy and hate scraping that shit out of my Vitamix so I usually skip this one.

Bananas also make a really good substitution for sweet/fatty stuff in baked goods, as it turns out. Hence the success of these two recipes. Totally delicious and pretty healthy:

Banana Bread Muffin Tops, Oh She Glows

I added raisins and walnuts in place of the chocolate chips as I am not to be trusted around leftover chocolate.

Banana Nut Granola, Nutrition Stripped

So good and barely any oil/sugar, because of the bananas. Magical! I threw some raisins into this one as well.

Favorite Albums of 2014

Some of my fave albums of 2014. I didn’t see any of these acts live this year because I am old and lame.

Sylvan Esso, Sylvan Esso

A delightful album through and through. Maybe my favorite of the year.

Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso

Glass Animals, ZABA

Loved this. I’ve noticed they are starting to get play on 107.7 The End which maybe means this isn’t such a cool choice but again, I’m way more old and lame these days so too bad.

Azealia Banks, Broke with Expensive Taste

Totally worth the wait following the release of her single 212 like three years ago. Follow her on Twitter-epic rants galore.

Zola Jesus, Taiga

Yes please. Zola Jesus is amazing. And she lives on Vashon Island apparently!

The War on Drugs, Lost in the Dream

Not my normal type jam, which is anything electro-ish, but a thoroughly solid album on the top of many a “best of “ list this year.

Dum Dum Girls, Too True

Indie pop with great vocals. Love.

Caribou, Our Love

Good stuff. Good lord I would make a terrible music reviewer. I try to read Pitchfork reviews sometimes and am like, what the eff are you talking about.

NeumosPerfume Genius, Too Bright

Took me a while to get into this one other than the glorious single “Queen” but well worth the effort.

MO, No Mythologies to Follow

Electro poppy good times. Really bitter I missed her live this year-shit sold out fast.

New Year’s Resolutions

My typical approach to New Year’s resolutions is to half assedly tackle a bunch of different ones. This is preferable than trying to stick to one major resolution, I feel. Making a little progress across a few areas seems like a more significant improvement overall, and more sustainable somehow. We’ll see. Here is my list of resolutions for 2015:

Green juice thirty

Green juice thirty

Don’t drink any booze in January. I tried to do this last year and caved after three weeks (hmm maybe it was two weeks….) during the NFL playoffs. Oops.

Avoid sugar and flour. I kinda blew this already. My mother in law was visiting for her birthday last weekend= lots of meals out and a bounty of obligatory birthday treats. Shout out to Sitka & Spruce’s desserts and RockCreek’s beignets. I only had a few bites though so it wasn’t that horrible. I regret nothing.

Probiotics, bitch. Kombucha, unsweetened organic yogurt and sauerkraut have taken residence in my fridge and I have been eating one plus serving daily. Also a fan of raw apple cider vinegar with lemon in water first thing in the AM.

Bone broth is the new kale. I’m hopping on this bandwagon via this recipe. Given you are supposed to simmer this shit for like 48 hours I may burn down my house.

Wintertime adventuring

Wintertime adventuring

Snowshoe a lot. My better half procured us some snowshoes at REI and I’d like to use them a few times. I have been told it’s good to have something outdoorsy to do in Seattle during winter to stave off weather driven depression. Skiing isn’t going to happen because its effing expensive and I fear chairlifts. Snowshoeing it is.